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Real Wedding: Megan + Andrew | Country Club of Birmingham | Birmingham, AL

Megan and Andrew’s wedding reception at the Country Club of Birmingham was classic, elegant and full of inspiration. Flawlessly designed by the team at Mariee Ami, the ballroom of the country club featured dramatic uplighting and tables laden with white and blush florals accented with gold.

When the time came to party, this crowd let loose! Big Blast and the Party Masters had guests from young to old kicking up their heels to dance to favorites.

Many thanks to the fabulous Heather Durham from Heather Durham Photography for sharing her incredible images from Megan and Andrew’s big day.

Band: Big Blast and the Party Masters | ECE Agent: Matthew Thomas | Photographer: Heather Durham | Assistant Photographer: Emily Kicklighter | Planner & Invitation Suite Design: Mariée Ami | Floral Design: Hothouse Design Studio | Props: Prophouse Birmingham  | Wedding Gown: Heidi Elnora | Groom’s Tux: Mr. Burch | Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale from Bella Bridesmaids | Cake Artists: Bride’s Cake: Magic Muffins and Groom’s Cake: Olexa’s|Hair & Make Up: Celine Russell | Videographer: StoryLive Productions | Event Design: Design Productions

ECE Coffee Talk: Finding Balance

In the ECE Coffee Talk series, one of our agents or artists shares a more personal post full of musings and/or insight – basically, talking and rehashing life as if you were sitting across from each other sipping coffee. Today ECE Atlanta Managing Partner, Matthew Thomas, is sharing his thoughts on the ever-elusive goal of finding a balance between work, family and self. Grab your mug and pull up a chair.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Spring is wrapping up and summer is almost here! This is my favorite time of year, aside from maybe Christmas. The sun is shinning, people are out and about on the town enjoying the weather and events are in full swing, which means, especially in this industry, it’s non-stop day in and day out! The hours, days and weeks fly by during this time of year and one of the hardest things to do is to find balance and keep your sanity.

It’s exciting and exhausting all at the same time… and I love it. I think I thrive most when my plate is full, but this year, it’s a bit overflowing. The insanity has been compounded this year. On the personal front, my wife and I welcomed our first child – an amazing baby boy named Brady. Professionally speaking, I made partner here at ECE. This comes with a lot of additional responsibility and workload, not to mention the challenge of getting up to speed with the many things involved with helping run a company.

Here at ECE, we’re in the midst of a huge CRM project that is going to help take us to the next level and allow us to be more effective as a company. However, the work that has to be done to get it developed and in a place that does all of the things we need this system to do with the many facets of our business is a monumental task. Coming in a bit late in the process requires me to work double-time to get up to speed on everything and help the progress.

There are not enough hours in the day to do it all sometimes, and finding balance is a tremendous challenge.

Obviously, being a new father, I want to spend as much time with my son as I can, especially during these early stages of his life. Not to mention that he is just so stinkin’ adorable. He has recently discovered his hands and trying to grab things, and has started smiling and has the occasional short little giggles that just melt my heart! It’s so hard to pull myself away from him every morning. I count the minutes until I get to see him when I get home. Thank the technology developers who designed FaceTime! While I can’t be there in person, I can still take a break and see his face a couple of times a day and it gives me that much needed boost!

That’s the challenge every day – finding that balance between career, family and some personal downtime to recharge. With everything that’s needed to get the job done at the office, it’s hard to get home in time to spend at least a few minutes before Brady goes down for the night. It’s my goal to be there to help with bath time, give him his last bottle of the day and put him down for the night. I don’t always succeed, but I try every day.

The upside to all of this is that business is going well and it’s a great time to be at ECE. We’re growing, our roster of talent is amazing, and we have the opportunity to work with so many great clients and to help make so many people happy at such a wide variety of events. It’s an exciting time and I hope to be able to continue to find balance. I don’t always find it, but I keep trying. That’s all any of us can really do at the end of the day.

Matthew Thomas Named ECE Partner

As ECE continues to grow, so does its ownership group. Today, the company announces Matthew Thomas has been named to the partnership. Matthew becomes the tenth person to round out the board.

A native of Atlanta, GA, Matthew started his career in the entertainment industry as a musician and performing artist for more than 15 years. As a singer and guitarist, he played in several bands that toured throughout the southeast and ultimately led his own band, playing a wide variety of music from blues and jazz to Motown and dance variety.

In 2005, Matthew began his career at ECE as an agent and event producer. Initially focusing on the college market, he soon shifted focus to the corporate and social markets as they enabled him to better showcase his creativity and offered him the opportunity to work on large-scale productions featuring well-known headline artists. His passion for designing custom event entertainment and production has been the driving force of his success.

“Matthew is the perfect fit as our tenth partner. As we are going through such tremendous growth, I feel very lucky to honor his 12 years here at ECE in this way. To be able to add a partner that adds so much in terms of critical thinking, professionalism and loyalty will be a huge asset to me personally and to our company,” states ECE President and CEO, Doug Daniel.

Fellow partner and ECE Atlanta Managing Director, Rick Stowe, adds, “Matthew has been a long time valuable member of the ECE Atlanta team. He is a talented producer with a solid customer base. I’m excited to have Matthew in a leadership role and look forward to our continued success.”

We caught up with Matthew to ask him about this new endeavor.

QUESTION: What does this partnership mean to you?
MATTHEW THOMAS: Joining the partnership means a great deal to me. To start, it gives me an even greater sense of purpose with having a leadership role and a hand in the direction and the continued success of the company. As a leader, it also gives me the opportunity to help bring the newer and younger agents up in a nurturing environment. Their success, in turn, leads to the company’s success.

Having just celebrated ECE’s 40th Anniversary, to look back over the past 12 years of my career and see how far we have come as a company and how far I have come as agent and producer, becoming a partner is a significant reward.

QUESTION: What excites you most when you think about the future of ECE?
MATTHEW THOMAS: Honestly, the unlimited potential. We have such an amazing team of people.

Our admin team keeps the ship moving at full steam without missing a beat despite the incredible volume of business, contracts and transactions processed every week – I’m amazed they are able to keep up. They are invaluable.

Our agents are motivated and enjoy what they do a great deal – and it shows.

Our artists are the best in the country. The level and volume of talent we have on our roster is unmatched by any other agency like ours in the country, maybe even the world. The level of professionalism and ability of the musicians and performers we work with day to day is phenomenal. I’m so proud of them. They represent the company in such an amazing way.

All of this leaves a path to unlimited potential and growth, and that not only excites me – it thrills me! I can’t wait to get started on the next project every day!

QUESTION: Is there a person at ECE you would consider your mentor?
MATTHEW THOMAS: Rick Stowe has been an integral part of my career here at ECE. He showed me the ropes as a young agent and taught me the value of rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in every facet of an event. He helped to greatly expand my knowledge of audio and lighting production far past what I had learned leading my own band and producing my own performances.

Watching his incredible success in the same role and moving into the role as a partner early in my career also helped me to see the potential and the opportunity I would have with dedication and hard work. It has paid off. I owe Rick a lot. He was actually who I cold called in late June of 2005 to see about an opportunity with ECE and he welcomed me with open arms. With a little bit a selling myself on my part, of course.